Monday, December 31, 2012

Mexican Pizza

First off, thank you to everyone who has followed my craft challenge board on Pinterest for getting me to 500 followers before the year clocked out! I was waiting for that. (slight musical reference to Coheed and Cambria's song the Suffering, in case it was ringing any bells with anyone...) (if it isn't go download it and then read this again so it rings...)

In this house and in my apartment, tortilla shells are seen as a hugely versatile flavor vessel.  You can make tacos, quesadillas, mexican pizzas, tortilla chips, fried ice cream shells, breakfast burritos, crunchy tortilla strips for soup, the list goes on and on.  Homemade tortillas are pretty easy to make, and now that I am thinking about it I may just do that when I get back to my apartment.

Regardless, we had leftover chicken from tacos and decided that Mexican Pizzas were in order.  Now, when I say Mexican Pizzas, they are obviously a tad Americanized...

What can I say, I love colby jack cheese.  Regardless, we made the chicken by boiling chicken for about 30 or so minutes (it was not frozen) until it was easy to shred.  Drain the water and add about 2 tablespoons of your favorite taco seasoning, more or less to taste.  Some taco seasonings are a bit stronger than others.

So we had this leftover chicken, and I buttered the griddle.  I put down the taco shells on the griddle (heated to between 300-350) and put a little pat of butter on the topside for when I flipped them.

Let them cook for a few minutes until they start browning and flip them over.  I let that side cook for a few as well, flipped once more, and added cheese to the top side.  I threw some chicken on the griddle with a few spoonfuls of salsa and let it heat up.

Transfer the shells to a plate, add more cheese if you did not get enough, and finish heating up the chicken.  Put the chicken on the shells and top with all of your favorites.

Or just make toasted buttered tortilla shells and marvel at how delicious they are. 

Or cut them into triangles and marvel at how much better they are than tortilla chips and how fun it is to splurge and cook things in melty delicious BUTTER.

Seriously, how do people get by without butter? 

The shells get crispy enough that you can pick them up and eat them by hand, assuming you toast them until browned.  It is like a thin and crispy pizza, you know, without anything that goes on a typical pizza other than cheese.

Practically the same thing.

2013 I have a feeling will bring a lot of new recipes and a WHOLE lot of shenanigans.  I have a sewing machine for the first time ever, a waffle maker, a hankerin' for homemade ice cream, and a book full of new and interesting recipes to master...

And then sub out half the ingredients for something else because I can never leave anything alone...

Well, at least I am consistent.

Happy crafting, and Happy New Year!

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