Saturday, December 22, 2012

Long Hair Braiding

Today's post is about a full on double braid all the way across my head.

Name that YouTube sensation! If you said Double Rainbow Guy, you are correct.

My goal was to bring you Christmas candies today, but that just really did not pan out at all for me.  Some days you are in the mood to do Christmas candy, other days you just want to lay in a hammock all day and let the world pass by.  Well, I had no hammock either, but I did crash on the couch for most of the evening reading King's 11/22/63. 

Pretty much the farthest thing from Christmas candy imaginable.  Guess I will be making candy sometime tomorrow to make up for my complete lack of desire to participate today.

BUT I did have a desire to braid my hair after I showered.  Keep in mind, I have super long hair. I started this braid by flipping my head forward and taking about an inch-wide section from right behind my ear.

I started by dividing it into three sections and crossing it a few times in a normal braid pattern.  Then, I started pulling hair from the side nearest to my face and adding it to the braid.  I did not pull from the other side.  I continued to do this all around my head (pulling small sections each time) and leaning toward whatever side I was working on so that I did not get hair mixed in that I did not want. 

I looped it all around my head and came across the top a second time before putting all of the remaining hair into a bun.  Hopefully this is a decent enough explanation, because I am not in the mood to draw my very helpful diagrams.

Sometimes if my hair is in a regular bun it does not hold because there is so much hair.  This way allows some of the weight to be taken off.  Also, since I did this wet it will make a beautiful scrunched effect when I take it down in the morning to go finish some shopping.

Happy crafting- this chick is going back to her book and her very snuggly sherpa throw. Pin It Now!

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