Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scraplace: Jewelry Leftovers

 I really do not recall the last time I bought a necklace.  I used to buy cheap stuff at Body Central all the time, sometimes Rue 21, places like that.  I still have some of those, but as for recent purchases or really recalling buying anything from this year...I just can't put my finger on it.

As for necklaces I have made, I might have to employ my toes in order to count them all ;). 

Regardless, let's cut to the chase.  I had some charms left over from raiding clearance racks at Michaels.  I cut a shorter chain in half, then cut the loop of an eye pin.  I wrapped the pin around a washer to attach it to the chain.

The darn necklaces I bought at a huge festival have tiny chain links and I am out of smaller jump rings.

After that it was a simple thing of attaching the pieces.

I attached the charms to the washer with more cut eye pins, wire would also be just fine.  I attached some extra charms and chain to the washer as well to spiff it up.

I have also included my latest attempt at working on my Instagram skills.  I am still not quite sure what the hype is all about but it does make for some fun experimenting.

I have my only final of this semester early in the morning.  I have really enjoyed not having finals all week, and hopefully this one won't be too terrible.

Random note, if you don't watch Big Bang Theory you are missing out, I am cracking up as we speak.

Go make some scrap necklaces for your own enjoyment.

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