Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Creative Christmas

My best friend loves Mickey.  I love to make creative gifts.  I also love finding something that I just know will mean a lot to the person I am giving it to.

So remember the oreo ball from yesterday? It got a nice coating of sprinkles that were shaped like Mickey and sugar cookies around that to smear on the yummyness.  In each ear I put oreos dipped in chocolate and white chocolate.  They also got Mickey sprinkles.

I get pretty obsessive about finding the right gift.  I knew this bowl was perfect for my friends, and munchies are never a bad option.  I have so far found my best friends and one of my sisters the perfect gift.

The bad part about it is when I cannot find just the right thing for the rest of my list, I get rather antsy shopping. I so very much want people to know that I really thought about them and took a moment to think about the things they love.  People mean a lot to me and Christmas is a time that I try to show it to them. 

This is why I love places like eBay, antique malls, flea markets, and all the normal stores.  This particular bowl I got from Target, and it comes in a smaller size as well.  I have roughly 7 more days to find that special gift for all my special people in my life. 

Merry Christmas blog readers! Each of you has made this blog extra special to me, and I truly hope your holiday seasons are excellent. 

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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