Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card Upgrade

The last time you saw this card it was just an ornament on a white card with a little Merry Christmas at the bottom.  Well, that was before I decided it didn't have enough pizzazz.

Naturally I opted to draw a tree in the background and spice up the colors on the ornament.  I think it has a bit of a Seussical quality to it, which makes me happy because I LOVE the Grinch. 

You know, when the little ornament rolls across the floor and whatnot? This little guy could completely be that little ornament.

Anyway, maybe this technically doesn't count as a new craft but it does, because it is my blog and what I say goes, but my goal here is to encourage you to brave the world of mixing your stamps with your drawing.

And your amazing Prismacolor pencils.  Which you are borderline obsessed with.

I have had quite a fun time with Christmas cards this season.  I terrorized someone who has become a very good friend very quickly with a glitterbomb disguised as a Christmas Card.

A real pink nightmare of a card, if you follow.  Ruffles and pink and tons of things that made me want to gag (I hate pink).  Also a nightmare in the fact that I put multiple shakes of super tiny super sneaky POLYFLAKE in the card.  That's right, I used the good stuff.

Thank God he has such a good sense of humor.  He is actually quite a hoot overall.  Which I will later deny that I said even though it is here in writing.  My blog, my rules ;).

Regardless, maybe the overall goal of this holiday for me is to remember to have fun with it.  Christmas cards don't have rules, they don't have to be stuffy, and the holiday season can be one never ending parade of shenanigans if you let it.  We get so caught up with the need to buy things and overspend, hung up on the inconsequential details, and just forget to remember the importance of family and fun for the whole time!

So don't just send a card, send a glitterbomb.  Send a funny picture. Make the whole card a funny picture.  DO IT!

Happy crafting. Pin It Now!

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