Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reindeer Cookie

This is more of an idea than a how-to, because I do not have any recipes to cough up here and you may use very different icing than what we do. But the basic concepts will still apply.

I wanted to make reindeer cookies that looked like they were hitched up and ready to pull santas sleigh.  I think these would be super cute on the side of a cake or something as well.

I did the brown icing first, black next, yellow and red after.  If you use a liquid icing that dries solid, layering in the colors while the base is still wet allows you to do a lot of different things.

In this case, it keeps it all one level and they look more painted than anything else.  If you do a mitten or ornament or similar and put streaks through it, you can drag a toothpick up and down across it and make very interesting prints.  It also helps to do circles (imperfect is fine) and drag a toothpick out from center to edge to do a tye dye look.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, because I LOVE to make Christmas treats.  Candies, cookies, cake pops, whatever I can get into I DO!

So, get creative with that decorating.  Merry Christmas! Pin It Now!

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