Friday, December 14, 2012


So a few weeks ago my friend Gretchen and I collaborated on a wreath she wanted to make.  She was talking about hot glueing it to a foam form, which definitely would work.  But I talked her in to trying it on a wire wreath form, and using ribbon to tie the ornaments on.

Why did I think this would better? Well, first, I was hoping I would save her from having to use hot glue.  She still ended up using it to keep the ornaments from flopping around while she was making it, but she did have to use a LOT less.  Which is always a plus.

Also a benefit to this wreath is that since it is tied on, if you don't have to glue it you could essentially take it apart if you ever wanted to change the colors.  Gretchen used a large thing of ornaments from Hobby Lobby and a 6 pack of white ones, and red ribbon.  She had about a third to a half of the big pack left.  I think the form was about an 8 inch, but it could have been a ten. 

She cut the ribbon long enough that she could curl the ends once she stuck them through to the front.  You could mix the sizes of ornaments if you wanted it to fill in easier or have those variations.  It took her about an hour or so, and it turned out to be incredibly cute! 

I really wanted to make one of my own, but Christmas is coming way too quickly and it just won't have the time to really hang there and be beautiful.  So perhaps next year!

The wire form was under $3 at HL for a wire one, so the whole wreath came in at well under 20 bucks.

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