Saturday, December 8, 2012

Peacock Christmas Tree

 Well this is actually my sister's tree, but she was nice enough to let me use it for my blog today.  We were all out for about 12 hours shopping, and she and I conspired on some of the ornament ideas when this tree was just a concept.

The tree is completely done in blues, purples, and golds.  There are purple round LED lights, found at Target.  I frantically texted her one day from the Target in Muncie because the lady in front of me was buying these awesome purple lights.

Thanks lady in front of me!

There area  lot of different ornaments on there like keys, bulbs, feathers, fun shapes, peacocks.  The main stores for finding all of these were Hobby Lobby, Target, and Wal-Mart. I must hand it to Wal-Mart this year on some of their loose ornaments.  They were actually really on trend.

Hobby Lobby had the coolest tree toppers.  I am all for traditional things, but I would be lying if I said I was not completely in love with this peacock tree.

I like mishmash trees too.  As I am a very random soul.

Regardless, Hobby Lobby had this crown topper.  WHO WOULDN'T WANT A CROWN ON TOP THEIR TREE?!?! I love it.  So my sister bought these peacock ornaments to go on it and some feathers and wired them on. 

Small gauge gold wire, good call on my part.  People can love their hot glue all they want, but wire definitely has its merits.

Hobby Lobby also had an excellent array of ornaments like keys, which speaks to my side that has been so interested in steampunk.

How cool would a steampunk tree be.  Legit.

Anyway, so she bought sparkly keys at HL along with numerous other ornaments. 

The ornate purple ornament pictured in this post is from Wal-Mart, who also had VERY cute little peacocks and feathers that clip on.

Not pictured in this because I forgot to snap a shot of them are cute peacock ornmaments from Target.

Other glittery bits were found at Old Time Pottery.

And we were covered in glitter for days.

I am very much a last minute Christmas shopper, so I was not able to check off many gifts today.  But I did start to develop some ideas about what I might get people, so it really was beneficial.

And between my sisters and tweeting with my friend, I was in stitches nearly all day from laughing.  Which is good because it is supposed to burn calories and I ate:

Breakfast (most important meal), red velvet donut, raspberry m&ms (a ton), pesto sun dried tomato yumminess of pizza heaven, cake batter froyo with white chocolate chips almonds sprinkles waffle cone pieces, and french fries.

Not all at once mind you.

If you don't let loose now and then with your food, I think you are simply missing out.  Five meal days can make for the most entertaining stories later. 

Meals are also so incredibly intertwined with loved ones and good times.  You really just can't argue with the power of good food and good company.

And a GREAT nap while your sisters brave the holiday version of Old Navy.  That is a moment in life when a 42 inch span from the top of your hip bone to the end of your toes is really not beneficial at all...

But the point is, go make yourself a fun and festive tree, and don't limit yourself to a basic topper you can buy when you can dress it up with a ZILLION other things.

Happy crafting!

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