Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Craft Disaster Fix

 So, let's say you had an idea to personalize a large glass canister for someone.  Let's say you got the 2X Cover spray paint and sprayed it over a stencil that you had put on there with painter's tape. 

And let's say you took it off...and it looked like this.  What do you do?

Panic? Probably.  Think you have potentially ruined the jar and worry that you are screwed? Absolutely.  But most importantly, you sprint through your house, run to the utility room and grab a jar of goof off wipes.

New craft rule.  When paint is involved, have Goof Off Wipes on hand.  I am not even kidding.  You are on borrowed time when it comes to crafting, eventually there will be a mistake.

So, the goal here was to find a way to get the smudges gone and the splatter off and help to make the design look like it should.

I wrapped a goof off wipe around the pointed end of a flosser stick.  That may sound incredibly odd...which it probably is.  But I needed a pointed object to allow me to get in the tiny spaces and fix them.  This was just the first thing that came to mind.

So I wrapped the wipe around a few times and I very carefully started rubbing over the mistakes to wipe them off.  The very best advice I can give is to keep the stencil nearby and go slowly.

In the end it turned out looking really good, and my sister really liked the canister!  I was very happy to be able to give unique gifts at Christmas to many of my family members.  If at first your craft does not succeed quite like you planned it, fix it!

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