Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chair Imagination

 If you are not raiding Peddler's Malls and flea markets, I question your sanity.  There are a lot of things at flea markets, like this red chair my sister paid hardly anything for, that can be made beautiful in a few easy steps.

For instance, this chair is easy to take the bottom and back off.  Most upholstered things are done in stapes or tacks which can be removed and redone or in some cases covered over without worrying about redoing it.

My sister stapled the new beautiful fabric onto this chair, touched up the paint with some spray, and now has herself a beautiful little desk chair that is cute and unique.

Buying a chair from a Peddler's Mall can save you a lot, even if it means you have to invest in fabric.  Next time you shop, think about upcycling.  Don't think about what it looks like now, think of what it COULD look like later.

And as always, happy crafting!

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