Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oreo Cheeseball/Icing/Dip

First, the recipe:
-1 block of cream cheese (at least close to room temp, so that you can mix things in)
-1 row of double stuffed oreos, crushed (or more if desired)
-1 vanilla pudding cup (or equivalent in made pudding)
-1.5 lbs (boxes) of powdered sugar

Mix the cream cheese and pudding together first to get it a little more liquidy.  Then, mix in all your other stuff. 

If you would like to have it as a dip for a party, cut the powdered sugar down by about half and work up from there to get the consistency you want.  The same goes for icing/filling for cakes and such.  It has such a delicious flavor, any fans of cookies and cream icing or dirt pudding would really like it.

In a small bowl or 5 inch pan, line the dish with saran wrap.  I put chocolate chips on the bottom, then started scooping in some cookie cheeeseball. 

As I layered the mix in, I put some chips around the sides too.  I did it this way so that I did not have to get messy.  More layers, more chips, more layers, more chips.

I had enough to make a good sized ball in a 5 inch pan, with some leftover to put in a shallow container (about 1 inch tall).  You could make two smaller dessert cheeseballs.  Chill them in the fridge. 

I say, go big or go home.

I do not know how well this will set up just yet as I only just made it, but it made a fairly stiff mix.  I have a pretty good hunch that the powdered sugar amount in this thing will be plenty effective at firming this little bugger up. 

Don't you dare skimp out on me and use regular oreos.  That extra creaminess is phenomenal to this taste.  No off brands either! Oreos are one of the few things I completely refuse to use anything other than name brand and a particular kind (double stuffed, I am not backing down). 

This weekend held a wedding cake, Christmas cookies, and a yummo dessert cheeseball.  That's a bake-cess if I ever heard one.

Happy crafting!
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