Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch Bulb.

If you google lightbulb ornaments this is EASILY one of the best ideas I have seen out there.

And what do I do with best ideas? Test them out!  Now, as a little precursor, I dearly love How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  NOT that Jim Carrey mumbo jumbo.  That Grinch just looked awkward the whole movie, and too naked.  But the cartoon Grinch and all the Dr. Seussicalness of the holly jolly episode put me in a rather Christmas-y mood.

Which is good, because I pretty much hate every other Christmas movie.  I do like Charlie Brown, because you really just can't deny that it is awesome.  I do not like the claymation Rudolph mumbojumo, no Frosty the Snowman for me, and I cannot count the number of reasons why I do not like "A Christmas Story".  And I CANNOT STAND the movie Elf...or really anything Will Ferrel has ever done.

Now that I think about it, I do like White Christmas also.  So maybe I am not a total Scrooge.  I love Christmas plays, for what it is worth.  I saw A Christmas Carol in Derby Dinner Playhouse when I was a kid and I could have seen that a million times and been just fine. 

I think I really only like musical style things because nothing else really does it for me in the holly jolly department.  Christmas is so jingly, it just requires lots of singing along-ing.  Hence, musicals.  And the Seuss Grinch, because "You're a Mean One" is just completely a classic. 

I mean really, a 39 and a half foot pole? Where do you even find one of those?

Oh right, you are here for the ornament...

A lightbulb, green paint, yellow paint, red paint, black puffy paint or leading, white puffy paint.

No, I probably will not be able to make any ornaments without puffy paint...

 To start, I painted the bulb with a thin coat of garish green paint.

I bought the cheapest paint I could find at Hobby Lobby in the craft section.  It was on sale, and cost me about 60 cents or so.

Next, I found a picture online to look off of, and used my black liquid leading to draw out the face.  If you do not want to have to wait for this to dry before adding color, mark where you want to paint with a pencil, and use a Q-Tip to paint on the yellow and red in the eyes.  Then go back and outline them in black. Also feel free to use a pencil to save you from having to freehand if you are not the type to just go rogue with a bottle of puffy paint like I do.

I had not considered that I could not paint with the leading being wet, of course, so I had to let it dry.  I also went ahead and made my Santa hat base.

I really don't believe in buying extra things like Santa hats, so that is why I opted to paint mine on.

I painted in the eyes and painted the tail of the hat.

Then I sat it on a salt dough gear to dry...yes, I know, I still have a whole table of salt dough I have not done anything with...

I am working on it! This junk called homework keeps getting in my way.

Regardless, when I got this guy done I made a second one because I learned that my best friend's hubby LOVES the Grinch nearly as much as I do, so his buddy will be living on their tree.  It is wildly appropriate, because she is the one that gave me the bulbs in the first place!

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