Friday, November 9, 2012

Blackberry Pancakes

You know that awkward moment when you wake up in the morning and realize that you did not blog before you went to bed because you felt sick and forgot?

Really? You don't? Lucky you.

Last night around 10 I felt so incredibly tired and unable to move that I opted to just go to bed.  Granted an hour later when I was reading news online and facebooking and such, I had completely spaced that I had not blogged.  These were the pancakes meant for yesterday.

You will need: 1 CUP of pancake mix (I like Krusteaz, you might have some homemade or other brand you prefer), 2 TB Cheesecake pudding mix (completely optional, I just refuse to toss mine after using it for ice cream), 1 carton (at least majority full if you have eaten some of them like I did) blackberries, 3/4 to 1 CUP almond milk (or regular), Optional 1/4 c sugar.

I never really put sugar in hardly any of my pancakes, and these are no exception.  You might prefer yours a little sweeter, or your berries may be exceptionally tart, so adjust accordingly. Plop all of this in a bowl and mash with your potato masher to get the berries broken up.  Once they are mushed to your desire you can finish mixing the batter with a fork.  Warm up and butter your griddle and spoon out 1/4 c sized or however big you want pancakes.

I let mine cook a few minutes on the first side, flip, smoosh, and cook a few more minutes.  I don't like to have anything the least bit runny EVER and I like my pancakes flat, so I recommend smooshing upon flipping.

Serve with real syrup, not that pancake syrup fake junk, and enjoy! Pin It Now!

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