Friday, November 2, 2012

Handmade Recipe Gift Tags

 My mom and I were talking and through a joint stroke of genius we decided that gift tags would be so much better if they were recipe cards! One side could have the two/from and a special little note, and the other side could have a recipe!

For everyone doing homemade gifts, this is an even better idea.

The easiest way to do this in my personal opinion is use an index card.  Well, I don't have any.  But the SECOND easiest option is to cut a card in half! I always have cards on hands.

Find yourself some great scrapbook paper and let's go!

I cut my card in half, and then cut my scrapbook paper to be an extra inch wide all the way around.

I used the other card to draw lines on the "recipe card".  I used fancy tools.  I call them pens.

Not even the glitter gel pens, like I used to be obsessed with.

I secured mine down with two sided tape, glue is a great option, mod podging over everything is also an option when it is all said and done.

This particular recipe is for, as I like to call it, my Italian Stallion Cheeseball.  I shorten it to Italian Cheeseball for the uptight types who might not have my unique sense of food humor...

I made it once with some pesto I had left.  I tend to use pesto a spoonful at a time.  It has so much flavor you don't need to use a lot more than that.  I even tone the spoonful down with sour cream sometimes in pasta. 

Regardless this recipe is as follows:

2 TB Pesto
1 Brick Reduced Fat cream Cheese
1 C Mozzarella Cheese
1 C grape tomatoes, roasted
Chopped pistachios, I used a pack of the Wonderful brand ones (snack pack size)

To roast the tomatoes I halve them and season them with basil, garlic, salt, pepper.  Roast at 350 for 30-40 minutes.  I like them squishy but not roasted so far they are dried.  I like to get them to the dryer point in a lot of pasta though.

Let them cool, then mix all the ingredients (except pistachios) together.  Form into a ball and press the nuts into the side.  Wrap in saran wrap and chill for a few hours before serving.

To alter this slightly, mix all those same ingredients, include the nuts, and thin it out with a carton of sour cream or so, and adjust the flavor accordingly if it is not strong enough.  Then, you can serve it as a dip! I haven't specifically done that before, but I have always wanted to.

Another great use for the cheeseball is spreading it on a taco shell and putting a slice of ham on it. I have multiple friends that would vouch for me.  I roll it up and cut it in slices. It went over GREAT on Super Bowl.

If you are really adventurous you can mix craisins into this party.  I have found I adore craisins in many of my pesto recipes.

Punch some holes in that tag and tie it on with a ribbon. Cute and USEFUL!

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