Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick-mas: Another very speedy Christmas Ornament

I would say if you are an efficient human and a machine with a puffy paint bottle you can have this done in about 5 or so minutes.  Especially if you uncap the paint first.  That is always a good start.

You need a clear ornament, scrapbook paper, polyflake, and puffy paint.

Seriously, will this puffy paint bottle ever run out? I think not.

 Cut out about a dozen or so thin strips with your paper cutter that I am sure you have because everyone NEEDS a paper cutter.  And no, I am not being sarcastic everyone really should own one.  Kids school pictures? Paper cutter.  Coupons? Paper cutter. Ribbon? Paper cutter. EVERYTHING PAPER CUTTER!

Random tangent time. When I get mad I clean.  When I get insanely mad, I shop.  There is a very fine line between frustrated productivity and angry shopping.  But this gem of a paper cutter stemmed from a boy.  He actually made me mad quite a few times, but this one just really topped it off.  So I did what any self-respecting girl would do: I hopped in my Durango and stormed off to Staples...yea I am serious.  I love office supplies :).  I walked in and decided to buy a paper cutter and a ton of paper.  Boys are so expensive.

 End of tangent back to the ornament! I curled the paper around my pinky finger, took it off and twisted it a little tighter on some of the curls.  I spiraled them in if they were too thick to fit right off the bat.

You will want to unwind them a bit because if they are tightly curled circles instead of spirals they will get stuck inside other ones.

I am just going to throw this out there...doing this with one of those curled ribbon bows from the party section would be waaaaay faster.

And simpler.
The final steps included adding puffy paint "snow" and polyflake shimmer. 

I apparently can't leave an ornament without puffy paint.  It just looked naked.

This would be super cute to do with old maps (e.g. from a trip perhaps!) and dictionary pages.

I am going between two different trees to buy.  Big Lots has a very cheap little four foot tree, but Hobby Lobby has a beautiful (though sparse) champagne colored tree for not so cheap....

This could be problematic.

And to anyone who keeps up with my blogs, the sweet potato chips with salt instead of a sweet mix was DEFINITELY way better.  I made some for my lunch tomorrow.  I included a teeny tad of black pepper as well.

Fresh ground, because that is how I roll.

Speaking of, does anyone else have an obsession for crackers and butter?? Seriously, I do not know how I developed this and it seems kind of strange, but the only rival to my bread and butter obsession is absolutely my butter on crackers obsession. Saltines.  Not anything else.  Nothing. Else. Will. Do.

I know I ate it all the time as a kid, and found myself buying saltines at Meijer this week because they make them in those fresh stacks now and soup season is coming up.  And now that I am a homemade chicken soup champ, I needed to invest in crackers.  Then tonight I was staring at my box and next thing you know I am sitting at my table with my tupperware butter keeper in front of me (aka really small storage container that I ended up with a zillion of that size) munching away on crackers.

Real butter mind you, not that margarine crap.  :)

I think I have settled on making cake pops for Thanksgiving.  Last year I made a low-fat pumpkin cheesecake and everyone loved it, but I think cake pops will work better for expanding the dessert flavor profiles.  And we so rarely have cake at Thanksgiving even though we all love it.  One time I made almond cake pops that tasted identical to zebra cakes, and I am thinking about making a bunch of junk food knock off flavors just to be funny.

Or I will do normal fall flavors like carrot cake. Usually my idea of perfect holiday pop-pery is making some random flavor I have no idea how it will turn out and hoping for the best.  I do make a mean pumpkin cake pop though, so that might have to make an obligatory appearance. 

The point is, go make ornaments, eat buttery crackers, and contemplate what cake pop flavors should make an appearance at my family's Thanksgiving celebrations. Pin It Now!

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