Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hair You Go!

I know, I know, yet ANOTHER clever title. Go figure.

For a little background to this, I am 5'7"ish and have hair pretty much down to my waist.  Basically, it is pretty darn long.  I get a little peeved when people tell me it must be just tons of work...

I never use conditioner unless I have ten pounds of hairspray in it because I can't detangle it after using freeze it.

I only get my hair cut twice a year, three times if I am feeling fancy.

I don't own a straightener.

I don't own a curling iron.

I use my blowdryer maybe once a week...and that is probably vastly exaggerated.

So, how do I fix my hair, you ask?  Creatively!  Weeks ago I pinned one braid, and this will be another.  Braids are long hair's best friend. I hate hair in my face!

AHHH! My secret identity has been compromised!!!

Kidding :).  Regardless, this look is super cute and crazy easy.

I happened to do this after blowdrying my hair, which makes my hair pretty straight. 

I braided two sections of hair, one thinner than the other, pulling the sections from right behind and slightly lower than my ear.

You could put a tiny hair tie in the one while you do the other...I just held it in my mouth.  Sue me.  I don't like to waste tiny ties. After I got both of them braided, I wrapped them across my head and pinned them near my other ear.

Next, I grabbed the hair at the top of my head and ratted it with my teasing comb.  Simply ratting it never gets it to poof like in this picture, so I developed a workaround.  What I do is rat the section, then I twist it around a few times at the back of my head.  While holding onto the twist I push the entire section forward.  This seems to make the whole section hold better for me.  Once I have it to the height I want it I put three pins in the back section, two in an x shape and one going down through the x.  I call it the trinity of pins, AKA the PINity.  Seriously, it is the only way bobby pins consistently work in my head.

Then I spray the heck out of it with good quality hairspray (e.g. Freeze-IT).

Either I leave the rest of it down or I put the remaining hair in a bun.  If I put it in a bun I will sometimes take the pins out after just to make it more comfortable.  Once it is in the messy bun the poof stays up just fine.

Another favorite method of me fixing my hair is washing, detangling, and letting it get partially dry via air drying.  Like I said, I almost never use my blowdryer.  When my hair gets somewhat dry, I throw it up in a messy bun.  I sleep on it, take it out the next morning, mousse and spray it, and I have a fun scrunchy look for the day.  Usually takes me...about five minutes in the morning to get the wavy look I like.

Yea...long hair does not always mean long fixing time! Pin It Now!

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