Saturday, November 24, 2012

Completed Salt Dough Necklace

Well there was a craft show today, which went decently well.  We are in the process of getting one off of the ground, this is the second year it has been going.

Regardless, I had to put some necklaces together last night because, as usual, I was slightly behind where I wanted to be.  But it was for good reason, I mean did you SEE those Turkey Cake Pops? So cute.

Regardless, this necklace utilized one of my very favorite Salt Dough Necklace pendants. I used aqua wire to create a bail, used eyepins (or headpins with eye hooks? I don't know what they are really called...) to put the blue and green beads on, and used a combination of larger blue clear beads and shiny blue Czech beads that really added a lot of glitz.  I really love it.

I had decided that anything I did not sell today I will use for my booth at a craft show next fall, if I do not do anything before then...but yet I sort of want to wear this guy....

I have this issue with jewelry.  You have to make cute things to sell, right? But yet I like to WEAR cute things. 

It really is just a never ending process.

For anyone who has not seen the other blogs, I made and formed salt dough pendants, let them dry, painted them with watercolors, and coated them with resin.

I like to make things to last. Pin It Now!

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