Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Card: Wreath with a Bow

Let me just say that cards have never really been my forte (or as I like to say during fantasy football season, my Matt Forte) (my best friend is laughing if she is reading this).  I make pretty decent ones usually but nothing that just knocks my socks off...

Until now.  And I completely attribute it to my urban design courses.  Those AD Chartpak Markers just made my crafting a million times more fun!

You will need:
-Red scrapbook paper cut to a 4x6ish card width (bigger if you want) OR a card itself
-A small beige piece or scrap of paper
-A small green piece
-Markers, ink, etc.
-Red Ribbon

Using my dearly beloved Xacto paper cutter, I cut down a vintage red looking piece of scrapbook paper to 8x6 so that I could fold it in half and make a 4x6 card. 

Next, I raided my paper and found a small beige piece.  I like the look of torn paper on cards, so I tore the paper from the back unprinted side upwards toward the front printed side.  The way you tear your paper changes where the white shows, so you have to account for that.  Back to front!

I tore slowly so that I could determine where I wanted peaks and how much core I wanted coming through.  After I was happy with the top and bottom, I used my paper cutter to trim it down to a 4 inch wide strip. DO NOT attach it yet.
 Next, I used my drafting circle template on the back of a green printed scrapbook page to make a guide line with a pencil.  Don't have drafting circles? Use a lid or a cup to get your circle, even a measuring cup.

I then tore slowly into the paper towards the circle and went around the circle tearing back to front, being as careful as I could to avoid mangling it.

In hindsight, I would like to suggest making the circle as close to the edge as possible to save paper.  I was using a scrap so I was not overly concerned with this.  I will be later when I wish I had a bit of it leftover still...

The center circle I cut out with a 1 inch punch.  If you don't have a punch but do have a cricut, cut the hole first to the size you want and then make the circle around it.  If you have neither....scissors will have to do!
Like I said, I have AD Chartpak Markers for urban design.  They are quite moist as far as markers go which can be frustrating in my drawings but was a huge help here.

I ran green right where the exposed paper core met up with the intact front.  I paused for just a moment in some areas to let it bleed a little more.  Next, I took red and lightly went over the top of the green on the finished front, and then below the green on the exposed core.  I did not let the red linger too long as I did not want heavy bleeding into the green.

Sharpies could feasibly work for this, and possibly even regular markers.  You will have to experiment on that one, as I have NEITHER here to try for you. 

I know.  15 Chartpak markers before I even bought crayolas.  Sue me!

I also ran a lighter green around and inside the wreath because I was not really happy with just leaving it white.  I tied a knot in red sheer ribbon and made a small bow.  That is really the only way I know how to make an acceptable looking bow is starting with a knot.  After everything was dyed and made, I attached the beige paper with craft glue, the wreath with mounting dots, and the bow with craft glue.

If the stupid bow is not perfectly stuck down by the time I get done blogging, it is getting E6000 on it.  I used dots on the wreath because I like dimension in cards.

Alternatives to this design would be:
  • Using cricut or border punches on the beige instead of tearing
  • making the wreath using tissue or light paper crumpled pieces to make a textured wreath
I really didn't have as many alternatives as I figured I would.  Which just means I must really like this card!  This is quick and simple, and a great way to use scrap pieces of paper leftover from other projects.  Write a holly jolly message inside and spread some Christmas cheer this season! Pin It Now!

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