Monday, November 26, 2012

Decorative Scrap Ornament

I like to use everything that I can.  I am one of those people who has tons of little scraps of scrapbook paper around JUST IN CASE I find something that I can use them for, like bottlecap necklaces.

After I made the wreath, I had white sprigly pieces and red metallic berries leftover from $2.00 worth of Christmas Decorations purchased from Wal-Mart.  I am not saying they are the most beautiful things ever, but for 94 cents a piece you just about can't beat them for the amount of stuff you get in them. The white bits were leftover from the wreath I did yesterday.

 On Black Friday I bought these ornaments from Michael's.  They are the plastic ones, and you can buy them individually.  I prefer the plastic ones because I am notorious for dropping things that are highly breakable.

I used wire cutters to trim the white puffs off the sprigs so that I could fit them into the bulb.  I cut various sizes, pretty haphazardly.

I did the same with the berries, I would suggest not getting the metallic ones OR looking for a bunch that has a lot stuck together in 2's instead of clumps of 6 berries.  They don't come apart well and you need them to fit in the ornament top.  Keep that in mind.
Once I had another layer of white puffies put in over the berries, I pulled off some of the silver leaves and attached them to the top of the ornament with wire.  I laced the wire through the center and around the leaves.

I actually attached all of my ornaments on my 4 ft and miniature trees with wire, because I plan on transporting them when I go home for break.

Now do you see why I prefer plastic?

I see no point in leaving my trees here and only getting to enjoy them for half of the Christmas season.  My plan is to wrap them up in my sheets.  Using wire as hanging material will only make it easier to keep them on.

I ended up using my wreath I made yesterday as a decoration around my mini tree.  It has made such a cute centerpiece on my dining table!

That's right, a tree on my dining table!

Quite frankly, I think it is an incredibly cute way to decorate, and my table is not a very big one.

So imagine how much more cute this would be on your full sized dining table?

It might even live on one of our tables when I go back home. 

Happy crafting, use those scraps! Waste not, want not! Pin It Now!

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