Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bellsprout Ornament: Lightbulb Rehab

Now look, I may be 22 and whatnot, but Pokemon was THE thing I grew up with.  I fought through many gym leaders, spent hours trying to capture the legendaries, raised pokemon from infancy to level 99, and logged 40 straight hours one week on pokemon when I had my widsom teeth cut out and my braces put on.

Yes, yes I did have those both done in the same week.  4 teeth pulled, 2 cut out (they were deep wisdom, not surface breakers), two days to recover, and then braces.  That entire week I popped one legit pain pill, then spent the rest of it on motrin.  As a sidenote, I hate pain pills because they just make me groggy and sleep way too much.  My first response to pain is to always just suck it up, and my second response if that fails is motrin or advil.  Plus, if you aren't focusing on your pain because you have to games to become the all time greatest PokeMaster feel just fine!

As I had said before, my best friend gave me a whole bag of incandescent bulbs.  It was pretty much like Christmas.  So by this point I have made a Grinch, a Santa, a Penguin... and I was debating on what my next move would be...

You need: A lightbulb, yellow paint, pink paint or red and white to make pink, black paint or a sharpie, a floral stem, wire, E6000, and maybe some tape (I had to use a bandaid, I apparently have no tape...)

I cut this section of a floral stem off, the flower part I had used for a different craft.  I used bronze wire folded over on itself in two branches to make a V shape of wire (for the feet).  I wired that to the stem and wired the leaves so that they would point toward the back.

Next, I put a a good glob of E6000 on the "top" (really the back in this case) of the bulb where the stamp details are.  I put the wired stem onto it and secured it with the bandaid.

My bandaid piece covered up the majority of the glue and E6000 dries quickly, so I gave it a few moments to dry and then painted the entire bulb yellow. 

I had to then put it on my elaborate closet organizer drying system, because nowhere was dry enough for me to hold it to do the rest of the painting.  I let it hang there overnight.
Today, I got this little cutie off of my drying wrack and proceeded to add the rest of the details.

I painted the metal part a pinkish color I mixed up with my metallic red and some white. 

My paint colors are a bit limited here, you see.

Next, I used my black leading to make the eyes.  You could do this with a marker I would imagine.  I just didn't really have any handy.

As a finishing touch I bent the stem to make the whole thing look more whimsical.  If any of you are pokemon fans, you know bellsprout was a very looseygoosey wobbly thing. 

He is back on my drying system and when he is done I will put a wire loop on him and hang him from my tree.

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