Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Any lovers of the show Friends out there?  That ranks pretty high on my list of favorite shows ever.  Along with Boy Meets World, which they are completely bringing back, or so yahoo tells me.  Good choice.  I really hope they keep the integrity of the old show though, and don't make it jive with some of the new teenage shows.  I'd prefer it not be something worthy of a slot on MTV...

Regardless, I really wanted to make me some soup. I was going to put it in to a bread bowl, until that utterly and completely FAILED.  For any of you looking to use the No Knead Recipes that you can find online for bread, allow me to implore you NOT to try baking them on a cookie sheet like some suggest is perfectly acceptable.  It really does not seem to work.  Unless I am just missing something, mine spread out and made crunchy flat disks o' bread.  Still had a good taste...but not really what I was looking for in the texture department.

Sad.  I hate to waste ingredients.

But for now, we soup in a regular bowl:

 -3 Chicken tenderloins (or 1-2 chicken breasts depending on size)
-1-2TB of butter (you know me, I err on the side of two)
-Salt to taste (I like sea salt)
-Handful of noodles, handful of frozen corn (optional)
-TINY SMIDGE of the following: basil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, pepper.  When I say tiny I MEAN IT...but if you just love spices you can add them to taste I suppose.
-Enough water to cover the chicken and go about halfway up the sides of your pot.  I used my normal sized pot with a lid, not the super small one that comes in most sets.  Use the one you usually boil noodles in.

Feel free to adjust all this to the size of your family. This made two bowls, this one pictured and one way more full that I have in the fridge.  In essence, it made two perfectly filled bowls.
So plop your chicken tenders in the pot of water, add the butter and seasoning, and boil for about 40 minutes.  I always put mine in frozen, if yours is thawed you may not have to take this long.

If you are using a frozen chicken breast that is thick, you may have to go longer.

I also broke the TINIEST bit off a piece of onion (I freeze mine in pre-cut rings and pieces) and plopped it in. 

Once your chicken looks done, take out the strips and put them on a cutting board.  Plop in the corn and noodles and then cut your chicken into little pieces. Add the chicken back in and let it all cook until the noodles are done.

I used alphabet noodles.  Aren't they cute?? I instagrammed this shot because I still don't understand the purpose of instagram.  I am trying to like it, and I am trying to keep up with technology and social media, but I literally do not get the point of it.  Everyone posts their pictures on facebook, so I don't see why I need a different social media that really doesn't help the overall quality of my photos...

Instead, it just makes them look old and grainy to me...

Now, if photoshop had been the one to develop a social media picture sharing platform, I might have enjoyed that.  I am really getting to like Photoshop more and more as we learn it in class. I need to get on a major video watching spree, as my college offers many training courses for software that I would like to learn. 

You could put other veggies in this soup, but I see no reason to mess up a good thing ;).  I made my chicken noodle soup heavy on the chicken, because in my opinion THAT is the great failure of Campbell's.  Creepy, tiny chicken cubes.  Although don't get me wrong massive chicken cubes would not be appealing either. 

By my calculations, this soup cannot cost more than a couple dollars to make, and I think that is a high estimate.  It depends on how many chicken tenderloins come in a bag I suppose.  I have never really counted them.  I had three that were completely frozen into each other, though, so this was a perfect use for them. 

If I have said it once I have said it a million times: Just because I am a college kid does NOT mean I have to eat like one.  Ramen? No, thank you.  Alphabet noodles? Y-E-S, please.  Educational AND tasty, how can you argue with that? Pin It Now!

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