Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Craft Studio White Tulle Wreath

My hometown is nearing their annual light up ceremony.  We wanted to start making the house look more festive, and I have desperately wanted to make a tulle wreath for my craft room.  I love some of the ones I have seen, but I was going back and forth on color versus all white.  I ended up sticking with a white and silver color scheme.

You need:
-A foam wreath form (Wal-Mart, approximately $5)
-Around 150 ft of white tulle (I bought two 100 ft rolls and did not really even use half of the second roll, but you should always play it on the safe side) Hobby Lobby had their christmas tulle on sale for 50% off
-A small 12-20 ft roll of silver sparkly tulle, I paid about $4 at HL or so
-A strand of 50 LED clear lights (my sister saved me by reminding me that LED's are cool to the touch, so I did not have to worry about anything)
-A pack of snowflake ornaments (at least 6)

If you are a little on the OCD side, you may want to make double sure they are on white strands.  I did not even think of this, but at least I was able to really disguise it with tulle.  Especially at night, you honestly do not notice it at all.

 I wrapped my lights around the form and made sure the two ends of the strand were close together.  You will probably need to use an extension cord regardless so be prepared with one when you go to plug it in.

I cut my tulle strands between 18-20 inches.  I say between because there is a good chance I eyeballed a lot of them based on one I had already cut.  It worked perfectly.

Tie the tulle onto the form, around the strands to keep the lights in place. Tie them close together, or shoved them close together after you tie them on. I did most of my white first and then tied the silver in later to be able to place it exactly where I wanted it. Let me tell you...sparkles...EVERYWHERE. You have been warned.

I have literally no idea how many little strands I cut.  But it was enough to use a 100ft roll and a part of another roll.  I know it was under 150 feet, maybe not including the silver.

You could probably get away with 125 ft of white, and whatever you can buy of silver.  I have silver and white leftover.
 My mom had the best idea ever.  I am going to hang this baby in the window (aka I already have) and so people driving buy will see it and I will see it from the inside.

I was going to put snowflakes on the outside, and my mom suggested since it was a second story window, putting the snowflakes on the INSIDE so that I could enjoy them and keeping the white snowy look on the outside for everyone else to enjoy!

I had enough snowflakes I technically could have done both, but most people (myself included) might not be able to see the real details with it being up that high so it just makes so much more sense this way! Ornaments would also be cute on this.  I tied my snowflakes on with silver tulle.  Two birds, one excessively glittered stone.
 Here is my cutie all plugged in.  The LED lights are not optional- they are AMAZING!

Big props to my sister for the LED suggestion, big props to my mom for the inside flakes suggestion, those really propelled this wreath into way cooler than what I might have originally ended up with.

Seriously.  LED is not optional anymore haha.  They come in all sorts of colors you have no excuse.

Happy holidays, and happy crafting!
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  1. I have this wreath only I used wide gold ribbon on the wreath first, then added the tulle. My lights are battery operated so I can hang on front door where there is no electrical outlet.