Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Mickey Bulbament

I am down to my last bulb, so I wanted to make it good.

Don't get me wrong there are a zillion lightbulbs I can still raid. I bet I even have friends that would save me their bulbs.  And don't think I won't consider CFL ornaments...although that would be unfortunate if they broke.

REGARDLESS.  It is Mickey Time.  This one is for my best friend, who adores Disney probably more even than chocolate covered oreos.  I made her promise to give him a home on her tree :).

In fact, if Disney just served chocolate covered oreos, I don't think she would have a reason to come back to Indiana.  This is every bit as simple as it looks.  Paint the bottom red, paint the top black, put two relatively oval shaped "buttons" on the red.  And presto chango, there you are with a Mickey Bulb.

As a short and sweet blog tonight I leave with this.  No matter what happens with the election, remember that we are the UNITED States.  No matter what we are in this together and we are still a great nation.

We are a country where women can vote.  We are a country where people can voice their opinions.  We are a country where you can start a business, have an opinion about a government, practice your religion of choice or none at all, get a tattoo or any other piercing, where whatever you want, own a gun, hunt, get a degree, and so much more.  We are a country of opportunity.

And I personally think that it is important to carry ourselves with more respect in the next election.  The campaigners have been horrifically rude, people have been horrifically rude, and social media has made it a hundred times worse.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I do hope that the next election will focus more on respect for each other and realizing that though our opinions are different, we are still a nation that relies on each other and is only as strong as long as we stick together.

For the next election, focus a little less on being Democrat and Republican.

FOCUS on being AMERICAN.  This is our country.

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