Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why didn't they think of that?

Alright this is going to be short and sweet and doesn't involve pictures because it is so self explanatory.  To preface how this came about, Ball State gave the urban and regional planning masters each a studio space, complete with a desk and file cabinets. This prompted me to determine ways to organize the large cabinets and spaces more effectively. They are all metal, which got me to thinking about magnets.

And then led to my best idea yet- magnetic command hooks. Originally I was going to attach business card magnet backs to the hooks because they are very strong and secure. However, since I was not able to locate my pack of them, I opted to use the roll of magnetic backing I found

It's really as simple as that. They become completely handy in an office setting, great for my studio space, and interesting idea for potential home use (tool belt hanging on a hook by a big metal toolbox anyone?) (gun accessories hung in a gun cabinet?) and are durable as long as you use a good magnetic backing which is simple to find.

I often make photo magnets and tile magnets with the business card backs, so they were my first choice.

Also with the magnet idea came attaching magnets to the undersides of my pencil holders and desk drawer organizers to keep them in place when I yank open the drawer.

Ah, another use for magnetic hooks might be hanging your downy ball on the side of your washer when not in use.

I mean I understand that as far as crafts go this may not be life altering, but I sure did find it to be a darn good idea.

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