Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Simple DIY Bag

So you have to cut me some slack here, I could have done this infinitely better.  But consider this a rough sketch.  Don't you just have a day sometime where you don't want to find the darn scissors and glue?

That's me today, and I had a scrap of wallpaper I needed to use.

Tired of hearing about that same wallpaper?

Too bad.

-Rectangular scrap of paper, doesn't matter the size
-Glue (I cheated, I used glue dots)
-Hole punch
-String, ribbon, something
-Scissors if you need to trim the paper or need to cut it

To start out, I folded it roughly in to not quite thirds.  That is technical terminology and you need to remember that.

Again, you would likely want to have it all nice and trimmed and stuff, but it was just going to be a nuisance for me.

From this you can fold up the sides to see how big you want the bottom to be and then crease it accordingly.

See what I am talking about? So you fold this guy up to decide where you want to fold. 

After you fold and put a hard crease in it, tear (ok fine cut it if you insist) the little part that will make up the side of the bottom flap.

You want to be able to fold the sides in toward each other and then fold that inner part up on them as well.

It will make more sense in the next picture.  It is a little hard to explain in words I suppose.

So here is where you are going with this.  You don't really have to put the sides completely over each other, you could attach them in the middle and then fold and connect the bottom flap accordingly, but this is just super simple this way.

Yours will look better than mine becasue you will glue it down like a nice crafter that you are.

And yours won't look mangled, because you are such a nice crafter.

Me, I am a hurricane and my stuff just looks like this all the time.

Again, rough sketch.

Continue to fold away, and fold the little top parts down if you like, or put another paper over them, as I would have liked to have done with gold paper with this particular wallpaper.

Then, punch holes in each side to thread something through, I would really suggest some cute ribbon.  But part of my challenge was to use things I had already.

When you use glue instead of mounting dots, your sides won't look all mangley like this poor little bag.  If you needed something sturdier than just the paper itself you would obviously want to use something like cardboard in the bottom of it, maybe from the pack of a scrappack or something.

The point is, follow these relative guidelines and make a bag any size, any time, using scraps of whatever you have!
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