Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 17: Pendants ROCK

Numerous years ago (maybe 6 or 7), it matters not how long, I had Betta fish.  Quite a few of them really.  At one point we had 6 jars I believe, and it was a nightmare to clean.  But they were so cute!  But so smelly. 

Anyway, near my senior year or maybe slightly before, I was tired of the fish.  They had dwindled down to a few fish left, and I decided that I would just wait them out and not buy any others.  Naturally, after they were all gone and buried under the willow (I really liked my fish), I had a ton of leftover rocks. 

Recently on pinterest there have been various things about making magnets out of them.  Well I wanted to show you another way to upcycle them into fun and usable goods.


-Larger glass rocks
-Wire (various colors)
-Wire cutters (or scissors if it is not heavy duty wire)

If you want to be less annoyed while doing these, put a spot of E6000 on the back and let the end of the wire dry in it while you do the same to other shapes and colors.

Once it is set, wrap the wire around the rock in various directions or however you choose, wrapping the ends around the wires to "tie" them together.

Experiment with various colors and directions, and add beads if you so desire.

When you have them as you like, cut another smaller length of wire so that you can wrap it through the ones on the back of the rock and make a loop to use as a connector later when you put it on a necklace.

If you are like me, you will want to put another spot of glue on the back at the end, just to make sure it all stays on there nice and snug.

There are many other options available, such as putting pictures behind the rocks before you put the wire on. 

If you were to use stronger wire than what I used, you could also make interesting curls all around the rock, especially by making a base or "nest" so to speak that it could sit in and then wrap the curls over it.

It is a nice way to remember my betta fish, and so nice to not have to clean them now.

Also, consider putting a loop at each end and making a statement necklace out of them! Pin It Now!

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