Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wearable Washer

Well I decided to not just stop with a cliffhanger of the pendant drying, with my beloved audience sitting in hopeless limbo, wondering what became of that resin covered beauty! (I have been studious all day, excuse the melodrama).  Anyway, though you may not have been on the edge of your seat wondering what it would look like as a necklace...

I was.

Now, I usually use chain.  I love chain, I prefer it to beads, I almost never use beads.  Which is why I have a zillion of them.  Since I am on a kick currently of using what I have, I decided I would give beads a shot.  I used:

-Wildfire cord
-Necklace closure, I opted for a bronze toggle

To make a bail for this one, I made a loop behind it and then just wrapped the wire around the washer AND around the loop to close it in. Then I decided I didn't like how big it was so I folded it down, turned it, and wrapped more wire through and around it to get it to come out like this.

Wire is very friendly, I highly recommend it.

If you are going to alternate beads like so, I highly suggest laying them out first in the exact order you want so you can put them on the cord in that order.  It makes it much simpler than picking from piles.

I used translucent beads in brown, yellow, and tan, along with orange beads and small metallic gold beads.

I tied the wildfire to one side of the closure, added the beads, then tied off the other side.

I attached my necklace with a jump ring.

I have not yet, but here after while will be putting E6000 on the knots to double secure them.

I rarely do this, but I figured this might be an easier way to really see what the necklace came out like.

You are going to have to forgive my phone on this one, I was using the camera that faces you on the iphone and it picks up light weirdly I have noticed.  So I realize that you cannot really get the full effect of how awesome the pendant looks with all this.

I think it would be really fun to decoupage these large washers with magazine pages, especially from natgeo.  Those are by far my favorite magazines to use for stuff like that.

Again, I usually don't like beads.  But I actually think this works, probably because of the variation in the beads.  This could easily be upped into a statement necklace, or something incredibly interesting (but keep in mind heavy) by using the foil treatment on more smaller washers as well.  Although I happen to think the resin would drive you insane for those.

All this really reminds me is that if I am going to have stuff to sell at a festival coming up in October...I really need to start making some stuff....


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