Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 10: Wire Ring

Today I had a complete and utter creative block on what to do for a craft.  I tried a few things I had been thinking about and I completely just found nothing that panned out.  I stared at my bead box and stared and stared...

And stared some more...

I wrapped wire around beads, I messed with washers, I folded paper (terribly).  Finally, I remembered once seeing a ring made from wire.  So I tried to focus my creative juices long enough to get something done.

What you need:
-Silver Wire (or whatever color) you need one fairly strong but still manageable enough that you can bend it easy.  I had a multipack of little spools of wire, and I sadly don't remember exactly what gauge they were
-A big bead, mine was blue.

Ignore the rose bead in the back.  I have tried so much to make these beads work in something and I hate them.  Ok, I think they are super cute, I just can't seem to make them do what I want!

Anyway, back to the ring.  I wrapped the wire (fairly loosely) around my finger about 3 or 4 times and then just twisted the remaining ends down to hold them together. 

I was going to just use these ends to hook the ring in and that quickly just turned out to not even be feasible with the length of what I had left.

But that's ok, adaptation is everything.

I had this interesting looking bead that was somewhat oblong and the best shade of blue a person could ask for.  Not that I reall wear a lot of blue, but when you can't even get your brain to cooperate long enough to craft something, a bead like this looks like the gates of heaven.

Why I have no craftability: I have discovered that my move to college is coming a lot faster than I realized.  I thought I had an extra week than what I do, so now I am more in a rush-rush mode trying to get all the final details done.  I don't think we will have tons of help moving and it could be a legitimate nightmare, but I am sure we will get it all done.  It has been really difficult to make decisions somewhat sight unseen and get this whole thing together in a cohesive state. 

Shoulda had a wider friends network, shoulda planned ahead and had a boyfriend for moving time, shoulda had a dad that would come help me, you can't win em all.  We managed to get an entire house moved this year, I am sure my apartment will be much simpler.

And I found an awesome armchair for $55 bucks at a flea market.

Anyway. The ring turned out a lot cuter than I thought it would.  By now I am sure you have seen the bird's nest necklace pendants, and I think those with copper wire could be a really cute ring as well.  If you were really crafty, you could probably make some that looked similar to animal heads with beads for eyes and whatnot. 

And best of all, this was free!  Pin It Now!

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