Monday, August 20, 2012

Steam Punk Funk, Day 20

Warning, this involves a craft and then a philosophic (sort of) trip through the inner workings of my mind.

Lately I have been really interested in steam punk style jewelry.  It is really interesting to me just because of how basic the components are yet how interesting the outcome is.  My spoon necklace pendant was a cutesy version of it, and I decided to do another pendant that was more mechanical looking.

I used:
-A metal hoop off another necklace that used to have a jewel hanging in the hoop.  I took that jewel out.
-Washers and small bolts
-Key charms
-Watch gears
-Silver wire

I used the wire to attach a key to the hoop and also to attach a large washer to the hoop.  I thought this might make a more interesting bail as opposed to making a wire one.

When I originally tried this pendant, I used a long piece of copper wire and tried to wrap all the components with the same piece and it just looked so messy I could not handle it.

Though Steampunk style things are, in my opinion, bizarre and strange, one thing they are not is messy.  I had to take the whole thing back apart and start new.  I am not sure why I hated the copper wire so terribly, but it had to go.  As you can see here, I opted for silver.  Gauge is up to you, mine is around 26 so it is easy to wrap with.

I have started calling this pendant "Timing is Key" since there are watch pieces and whatnot in it.  Yep, I am a nerd that names my pieces.
Continue to attach widgets and schmidgets until you get a look you are happy with.  Again, I cannot stress how much I like this clean look with individual connections as opposed to using one large piece of wire. 

It looked haywire.

My biggest issue so far has been making necklace chains that I like my SP inspired jewelry on.  My spoon pendant is proving the most difficult, or maybe I am just proving to be more picky than I expected.

I never thought I would find myself identifying with crafts.  But I really do identify with this.  Timing is everything, and it is something I have really been in an epic battle with myself over.

I am a human born with a sense of urgency, I don't feel like I have much time to do what needs to be done.  It could just be because in my perception of time it moves alarmingly quickly.  I think it also goes back to my periodic struggles in faith.  Whenever I am going through one of my low-points, I seem to become a lot more agitated about time and how I am spending it. 

It's really all rather interesting, I am a person that looks around and find it hard to believe that all of this came from nothing.  Here is my usual train of thought:
- Evolution in no way shape or form is an issue with religion in my opinion.  The Bible progresses sequentially, evolution progresses sequentially, and no maybe they don't match perfect but we also don't know if either side has portrayed the whole picture (ie things getting jumbled in orative passings versus science only being sure until the next breakthrough discovery is found, and similar).  I really don't think that the "seven days" thing is literally meant as seven since there are ample versus depicting that time is something different to God, and it fully could be that it was told that way so that people would understand it.  I mean seriously ponder 7 days and then ponder billions of years and you tell me which is easier to get your mind around.
-It is completely mindboggling that we just "happen" to be right where we need to be when the slightest hair of closer or further from the sun would have us goners.
-Even if there is a multiverse, which has not nor likely can be proven...HOW DID IT GET THERE? This is my biggest thing of arguments like the multiverse, it seems even more ludicrous to me that there would be a mechanism producing universe after universe that just happened to get there.
-No matter what exactly spawned this universe...HOW DID IT GET THERE?  I am of the mindset that something of matter has to come from something else.  It needs the right ingredients and it needs a component,  all machines need an engineer.

Now, my problem is I often turn all this around and ask myself, ok, well then how did God get there? And then I throw myself into a continuous loop and really it is not something that a 22 year old usually ponders.  Which is exactly why I cannot talk to it with my friends, because absolutely none of them ponder it to the rather insane extent that I do.  At least not that I know of. 

I do find it intriguing what William Lane Craig proposes of a disembodied mind being God.  And maybe that is where I find myself getting tripped up. Because I often forget that Jesus came as man but God Himself stayed solely in the spiritual world.

I also find out of body experiences to be very intriguing. Also intriguing, is the scientific principle that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.  What is here is here and will be here and always was here.  Now that is a very interesting thing, because that is exactly what God said about Him, far before scientific times.

I also think about how long people have been praying to Gods in some form and believing in the spiritual things, and I consider that to be valuable evidence because it is not like this is something that just sprung from nowhere when Jesus arrived on the scene.

I will digress with the inner workings of my mind, as you probably did not expect to read that from a steam punk pendant.  But I have this odd feeling that this blog and this challenge are going to turn in to so much more than what I had expected.

And that is something I do like the prospect of.

Until next time. Pin It Now!

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