Friday, August 31, 2012

Skillet Fried Pizza, and Yes You Read that Correctly

OK...this may not go down as my shining moment of glory in life.  But you might just be surprised at how good something like this can turn out.

Let me start off by saying that it State Fair's fault, because they are always deep frying tons of shenanigans and that is how this all got started.  Although for the record, I did not (inhale, HAHAH) deep fry the pizza.

What you need:
-A thin pizza crust, the kind you buy in the store and slap the ingredients on and pop in the oven, personal pan size
-The ingredients of your liking
-Mozz, or your favorite pizza cheese
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I like my oil like I like my life (HA on a roll here)
-A skillet, I used my ten inch.  Clearly needs to be slightly bigger than your crust

First, you are going to need to put just enough or a slight bit more EVOO in your skillet to cover the bottom.  You don't want to add a whole bunch in because this thing is bread it will soak it up, but it is not a make or break thing, as long as you don't go overboard.  Put it on a midrange heat setting, maybe just a notch higher. 

Olive oil gets really hot once it gets going and likes to pop all over the place, just warning you.  If it gets to hot just pull the skillet off the heat for a few seconds and turn your heat down.

Start it with the "ingredient" side up, and let it fry for a minute or two, then flip.  Again, let that go until it starts to get some color on it and flip again.  While it is crisping up on bottom, toss on your ingredients.  Here are some things to consider:

  • It is fine to have a frozen ingredient, for instance I used mushrooms, but you have to make sure it is something that will unthaw and get hot in a few minutes, I ended up zapping mine in the microwave because I am impatient.
  • Plan ahead want you want on this thing because it does not take all that long to fry and you may have to cook some ingredients ahead
  • You can always get the ingredients heating up, and if you really need to get the pizza off the heat you can always finish melting the cheese in the microwave (which I did because again, I am highly impatient).
So after you have flipped the bugger ingredient side up, make short work of topping it with yummies and pop a lid over your skillet so it can trap the heat in and send it circulating down to melt your cheese.  Again, I was way too impatient for it to go to work, so I zapped it.  Perfectly acceptable, and highly delectable.

Now, let me tell you how to alter this to completely blow your mind and your calorie count for the day:

86 the skillet.  Go to an electric griddle.  If you don't own one get off your duff and go buy one.  By far one of the best toys to own in the kitchen.  If you were so inclined you could put a nice pat of butter down on your sizzly griddle (300-350 heat setting) and THEN pop this pizza on it. 

In fact, t'were it me, I would put a bit of butter on the top of the pizza so when I flipped it it had lots to work with.

Now you could go ahead and top this with savory, normal pizza items, but consider this as well:


On a fried pizza...

I have to go buy apple pie filling...

No but seriously this pizza was awesome and could happily take a wide range of toppings.  I think this would be right on the money for something like a BBQ chicken pizza as well. 

But seriously try that dessert idea I have a feeling it is going to be awesome when I try it...

I would not suggest using EVOO on a griddle.  At all.  Only butter.  Not margarine either.  And don't buy that unsalted junk!  Can you tell I'm picky? Pin It Now!

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