Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Metal Flake Washer Pendant

I decided to craft while I roast some yumminess in the oven.  Mainly because most of my crafting does not take as much uninterrupted attention like my google sketchup and GIS work does.  So far my fire alarm has not chosen to go far.

Granted, that could be because I silenced it.  I currently have it suffocating in a hefty bag.  You're welcome, Hefty.  I just got you a knew marketing zone for your zippy bags.

Back to crafts.  Excuse my target bag, but this guy is what we are going today.  He is a large washer that I am turning into a metal flake pendant.  For all you steampunk lovers, he would be a BEAUTIFUL base on which to add cogs and studs and other bolts and things....

Snap, now I wish I had done that instead.

What you need:
-A large washer, 97 cents at Wal-Mart.  I completely understand if you don't want to go suffer through going to Wal-Mart, I am not sure how much they are elsewhere.
-Metal Flake/Gold Leaf, whatever you want to call it.  I got this mixed bag at Hobby Lobby last year and it has lasted me a good while. I am probably not even halfway through it yet.
-Mod Podge (as always)
-Perfectly Mixed Resin (or use more mod podge, I am a craft-snob and prefer the end look of resin)

First, note to self that a target bag is actually a really annoying background.  My apologies, and dually noted.

Anyway, slap a good coat of Mod Podge on your washer.  I am passed the point of even bothering to find brushes anymore if you want the truth. 

After you get the Mod Podge on, get the glue off your fingers before you go sticking them in your metal flake unless you just want to be annoyed.  Skip this step if you were not lazy and actually used a brush or sponge to put it on.

OH! That would be a great use for makeup sponges- Mod Podge Applicators...also noted.

Start putting your metal flake on, I usually get out a pinch, plop it on there, and spread it out afterward, tapping down the loose edges where I can.  The resin will be helpful on keeping them down as well.
After you get it how you want it (especially if you are mixing colors and mediums, etc) mix up your resin. Apply your resin with a brush or your preferred applicator, I used the fancy technology known only as...a plastic spoon.  It is what I mix my resin with so it just makes sense.

While you are doing this, or maybe before, you need to come up with a pedestal or something you can set your pendant on.  If you set it directly on the bag you better hope that NO resin leaks over the side or you are going to have it stuck on there.  You might be able to get it off, but it is really easier to just have something to set it on.  I used beer caps.  I have a lot that people have given me (they know I make jewelry and they actually go to all the work to save them, thanks friends!) so I put 2 cap towers in 3 places. 

Ridge side down on bottom, ridge side up on top.  This way, the resin has less surface area that it can stick to when it dries. 

My plans for this washer are to wrap bronze wire around whatever I determine to be the top and turn it in to a pendant.  These are great to hang things in the middle as well, for example a smaller washer that maybe you did in another metal, eh? You can also put a second smaller washer on top, but keep in mind with anything you add that it will add weight.  This guy is not the lightest thing in the world as is.

So I am hoping to make him a bail with wire, and then to put him on a chunky bronze or mixed metal chain.  I love mixing metals and chain sizes, and I really think it adds a lot to the interest of a necklace.

Metal flake is great to have you can make some super simple pendants with it, just by using it with resin in plastic resin molds.  There are also plenty of products out there that allow you to make your own molds for resin, so I am just saying that the possibilities are extensive.
Conveniently, I had another picture of something I did last year.  This is resin in a triangular mold, wrapped with bronze wire, and on a brown ribbon chain. 

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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