Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Steampunk, Revisted. Day 22

Admittedly, I thought this day was going to involve a yummy recipe for hawaiian bbq yummy pork scrumptiousness. 

Well it doesn't.  And since my lack of foresight in packing has murdered my craftability, I decided to put the finishing touches on my steampunk pendant and go ahead and make it a necklace so that it could be worn at my discretion. 

I used:
-The pendant
-bolts and washers
-old pieces of a jeweled necklace
-jump rings
-old earring pieces
-toggle clasp

It is really pretty straightforward here, I just hooked all the various components together to come up with something delicate yet industrial. 

I really think that is going to be my overall theme in my urban planning career.  Mixing old infrastructure and designs in with new sleek designs for this mix of the old and new.  I am pretty excited about it really.

Alright I am also still insanely nervous about my classes and still think I am going to struggle with them.  But other than that I am excited.

Today we got our own cubby spaces.  We have desks and cabinets and drawers and whatnots, all that will be ours until we graduate.  Or have a mental breakdown and leave.  Whichever comes first.  Haha!

I am hoping that my cubby space will be a craft of the day soon.  I have every intention of making it a highly organized and well stocked (with snacks) area that I will enjoy being in for long periods of time.  Because seriously, I can't handle working in this apartment all day.

Mostly because I end up sleeping and not working.

Tomorrow I am going home to get my TV, more crafty things, and all the other junk I forgot.  Like my cookie sheet.

Who forgets a cookie sheet?? Pin It Now!

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