Thursday, August 2, 2012

365 Craft Challenge: Two for Two

So far so good, I have made it two days in a row on crafting.  This should be easy right? Not a bit.

I have for the last few years made bottlecap necklaces and other jewelry.  I love to do bottlecap stuff and have a few excellent friends and relatives that save me beer caps, which makes it a little like upcycling.  I have become a huge fan of resin because of its versatility, although I also love the little epoxy seal stickers for a quick finish.

I also LOVE Big Bang Theory.  I mean I absolutely love it.  It appeals to my very geeky sense of humor.  So for the second of many crafting days I proudly present to you....


Please please, try to hold your applause.  I understand that as far as fantastic things go, this takes the cake. 

To make this, I wove a small chain through a larger chain and attached a lobster clasp to the end as a necklace closure. 

I had made my bottlecap pieces the day before, but if you were to use the epoxy stickers it could all be done in the same day.  I just happen to do enough other things that resin is useful for that I always use resin.

Resin, however, can be incredibly finicky, has to be mixed PERFECTLY (and I do hate to measure things) and does not like temperature extremes or humidity. 

So basically it and myself are a match made in heaven.

Regardless, I ordered some charms on eBay.  I had browsed Hobby Lobby AND Michael's one day and could not find a lizard at either one.  I found a scissors charm only at Michael's.  It was pretty darn frustrating.  The rock charm I used a rough, uncut ruby that my sister brought back from a vacation, because that appealed to my nerdy geology side.  I used an easy to wrap, 22 gauge wire to make a faux "bail" so that I could put a jump ring through it and hang it.

The paper I coated with resin, but a few coats of Mod Podge on each side would yield acceptable results as well.

This is no doubt one of my favorite crafts to date.  The charms costs under $5 for both packs, and I could make around 18 different ones of these (not that I will).  You could get a rock in your backyard.  The chain I had, but it could be purchased for probably under $5 as well if you used some coupons wisely.  It's a small price to pay to have a completely unique necklace.

Here are a few more pics of charms up close and personal:

Cost so far- which I guess especially for this I should only count what I actually used...
about 15 cents for the charms (which is probably overestimating since I usually don't bid on ones with a shipping cost) and all other materials already owned.

Total 365 Day Cost: $4.15(ish)

I really can't keep perfect running totals here.
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