Sunday, August 19, 2012

T-Shirt Headband, Day 19

Sound the alarm, I tried to sew again :).  Just kidding, it really did not turn out that bad.  I had a blue Arizona T Shirt that I haaaaated since the day I bought it (too big) and decided to make something out of it.

Originally, I was going to rehab the neckline like I keep seeing people do...

Well mine turned out HIDEOUS.   Maybe it was the material, maybe just user error, but it was really rough looking. So instead, I decided to try my luck at a headband.

-A t-shirt, with a section cut from the middle and one of the sleeves cut (angled, poorly, however you prefer to cut)
-Needle and thread
-A bead or button (optional)

You will want to cut a section from the middle of your shirt.  The width is completely up to you, keep in mind you will fold it over to sew.  I used the front part of my section, cutting it away from the back at the seams.

Stitch the sides together (it does not have to be perfect, thankfully) in whatever stitch you know, and then flip it inside out once you get the side done and your thread tied off. 

Next, figure out where you need to sew the two ends together to make it the right size for your head (or rig up a button or closure if you know what you are doing). Stitch the ends together, again, not worrying too much if it is perfect.

Why would it not need to look nice, you ask? Simple, we are going to cover it up.  Fake it til you make it!

Take the sleeve of your shirt (does not need to be cut it can still be a circle) and start bunching it like so.   Or really any way you want so that it comes out looking flower-y. I like to keep the seam side out so it looks more like I knew what I was doing.

Play around with it until you get a look you like.

I was going for a sort of pansy flower shape for mine.

Anyway, once you get it as you like it secure the shape with thread.  I always think more is more when it comes to thread, just so hopefully overstitching will keep it together.

When you get the flower stitched, take a small bead or button and sew it in to the center of the flower.  I like to send my thread through the bead multiple times. 

If you have enough thread left, go ahead and sew the flower to the headband, tacking down petals as needed so that it all stays perfectly in place.

In the end you should come out with something surprisingly cute like this!

I would have shown it on my head, as it fits remarkably well, but I am opting for a "look like a scrub" day.  Heehee.

I think this would be really neat to do with a shirt that had a print on it. 

You don't necessarily have to make the flower out of the sleeve, I just used it because it had a nice finished seam so the flower would look far more finished than if I had tried to do it out of a middle scrap.

Mix colors, mix prints, put multiple flowers on there, go crazy!

Best part? COMPLETELY FREE! Pin It Now!

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