Monday, August 27, 2012

Penguin Ornament

Anyone who knows me knows I love penguins.  They are super cute the way they waddle all around and whatnot.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't like boys who look like penguins.  True story, one time I could not keep flirting with a guy because his face reminded me so much of a penguin it tripped me out.  Penguin penguins = good, human penguins= bad.

Naturally as I am creating ornaments for my future tree, penguins had to be on there.  And what looks exactly like a penguin? An upside down lightbulb! You have probably seen this done a few times, and here is my take on it.

-White and black puffy paint, or white puffy and black glass leading (which is what I used)
-A bead or scrap of paper
-Ribbon or other color of puffy paint for a scarf (optional)

I started out this project by using the glass leading and basically dividing my bulb into four vertical quadrants for my hot air balloon.

Wait, you say, this is about penguins!

Yes, that is true, but it started being about hot air balloons.  Rule #1, always have a backup plan.

I did not create a hanger out of wire first and let me tell you right now that was a huge mistake.  Luckily I was still able to wrap wire around the metal part later and create a hanger but do us both a favor and start with this.

I was doing some squiggles on my hot air balloon when I decided they were ugly and I was over it.  So I used my finger and smeared the 3 quadrants I had squiggled into a solid black but textured mass.
I then added the white puffy paint in the remaining quarter.  I decided it needed a little more flair in the white so I went over some of the black areas as well.  Then I decided he needed some flippers so I put those in over the white. 

That is why this 3D paint is better than just regular ole paint, because he comes out with some texture.

I used an orange bead I had for the nose and gave him some happy eyes, which I may end up changing later but I think I like.

After the paint dries (because I currently cannot touch it) I am going to add him in a ribbon scarf (red).

I think this would be uber cute to put feet on, even if they were painted up the bottom front of him with orange or yellow puffy paint.  I just didnt have such fancy things.
Also, consider using something like FlowerSoft or glitter on the white part (but if you decide to do that then do the white first so you don't get it all over the black) to give him a little added character or to make him look more snowy.

Excellent use of a burned out lightbulb, in my opinion.

Oh, and if you are wondering, I have him drying by clipping him on to the bottom shelf of my hanging closet organizer, dangling over a tub lid in case he falls so he won't ruin my carpet.

Oh the shenanigans.

Now, off to bed, I have a 7:30AM Departmental Breakfast Date.  I do love me some breakfast. Pin It Now!

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