Thursday, August 23, 2012

Peacock Ornament

Today I opted to make another ornament for my tree that I currently don't own.  I also drove home for a long weekend because let's face it, one more silent night without that TV and with a lackluster internet connection and I might have gone looneytunes.  It was like solitair-ey confinement...without a deck of cards...

HAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE?? Solitaire? Cards? Play on words?

Alright fine, ornament it is.

-Plastic or glass ornament, take your pick, whatever is cheaper
-Adirondack or whatever other kind ink you want to use (I buy the Tim Holtz stuff) in colors of choice
-Adornment of choice (for me it was a peacock feather)
-Wire, glue, or whatever you need to attach your adornments

So basically you just drip the the ink in random patterns around the ornament.  This stuff blends really well so it comes out with a great fluid look to it.

After doing this with just blue and green, I would like to take a moment and suggest using a metallic ink.  I think it would add a lot to this, although for this particular thing clear is more than sufficient. 

I tried to use Tattered Angels stuff in there and it just simply did not work.

Again, get a metallic ink.

Next, cut your adornment to fit on top and attach it with whatever method you choose.

I know, not descriptive, but this is so open to interpretation.
This is a terrible picture, I understand that, but it marbles really well and looks really cute.

And how awesome will this be on my tree that is completely personalized with ornaments of all sorts of shenanigans?!

Again, please put some metallics and rhinestones on this guy when you all try it because ornaments need some sparkle!

Overall, it is a nice second ornament for my someday tree.

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