Friday, August 24, 2012

Hey, Hey Good Lookin': Menu Board Day 24

Well, I wanted it to say that.  But it ended up being way better than what I imagined.  I love planning my meals by the week.  It seriously makes it go so much easier during the week and it helps me utilize leftovers, like rice.  Can anyone actually make just the right amount of rice? Because I most certainly canNOT. 

So, let's make a menu board!

-Frame and glass, I used an 18x24 poster style (but higher quality) frame that we found in the house
-Scrapbook paper in colors and patterns of choice, I used damask, black, and green
-Glue or adhesive, I used mounting dots because I did not feel like messing with glue
-Wire or attachment mechanism if your frame does not have one
-Stamps, ink, or letters

Pardon this for being upside down.  I was too lazy to switch it.  Stand on your head if need be.

Anyway, the first step is clearly to get the hideous artwork out of the frame.  Turn the artwork into OUTWORK. 

I had to break this because it was a picture mounted on dense foam, so I ended up making a backing out of wallpaper that I could put my scrapbook paper on, and later on I put the broken pieces back in behind it to keep it sturdy.

Start layering in your papers.  I used two different 12x12 damask pages, and put a black strip between them to disguise the fact that I could not splice them perfectly without causing myself a headache. 

You know how it goes, hide your errors and fake it 'til you make it.

I used 2 12x12 sheets of green paper and ended up cutting down the pieces to about 2x4 or so by the time I was done with it.  Maybe 3x4.  I had to just keep cutting it.  You could do something fancy like measure and figure out the perfect size.

I added in the sticker letters for "the menu" and stamped the days of the week onto the green blocks.  I almost used R for Thursday because I am so used to college schedules.

If you are wondering about the two random flowers, I had to put them in to cover up an error.  I really don't think that anyone would have noticed it but I likely would have stared at it. And stared.  And stared.

So, you can write on these with dry erase right onto the glass, if it does not come up you can use something like a magic eraser or hand sanitizer and it should come right off for you. 

I always lose the little pieces of paper that I write my week down on, so I am incredibly excited to have this.  And the best part is, it will look perfect with my bright green Rachel Ray cookware...

That I got at Burlington Coat factory for $100.  SCORED!

I also think that one of this size could be done for a bigger calendar or organizing idea if need be, I just wanted a really cool piece of art for my kitchen.  You also have plenty of room to add something for a grocery list if you like.

Happy cooking! Pin It Now!

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