Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Breadstick Seasoning

Per every batch (approximately enough to fill small jars like these that I bought at Hobby Lobby) you will need:
-4 TB oregano
-2 TB garlic cheese topper (I LOVE Shipshewana brand, but if you can't find that McCormick makes one as well)
-1 TB basil
-1/2 TB crushed rosemary
-Pinch of garlic
-Pinch of salt

You just mix up all this and put it into a container to use for breadsticks or to give as gifts. I did a little of both this year.  I paired some homemade seasoning blends with things like bread mixes and packets of yeast for baking baskets.  That is a kind of gift I would certainly not mind getting!

I also used mine on breadsticks to test it out.  I don't typically like oregano, but blended with the other ingredients I actually was fine with this seasoning.  If you can't find garlic cheese topper, nab some pizza cheese from Pizza Hut or similar that you can toss in with this.  I also would have liked this if I had increased the garlic cheese topper by another tablespoon, so don't be afraid to deviate.

For a super simple breadstick recipe, check out my no-wait version here.

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