Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blackberry Chia Seed "Pudding"

-1 small pack of blackberries
-1/3 C almond meal
-1/2 C almond milk
-2 TB chia seeds
-Optional 1/2 tsp honey and/or 2 shakes of ginger

You just need to toss the first three ingredients in a food processor and pulse until the blackberries are to your liking.  I let mine go a bit to turn them into juice.  You could do just the blackberries first, then put it through a strainer to remove seeds.

I obviously did not bother with that.  Anyway, after you have it all mixed together, add in 2 TB chia seeds and refrigerate overnight.

Chia seeds take in moisture, so it is a distant cousin to something like a tapioca pudding without the obvious round bits that tapioca has.  This has a much more subtle texture.  You can pretty much use any fruit you like, and don't have to add the almond meal if you don't want to or don't have it on hand- the chia will still do the trick.  I just used it because I had some leftover from a different recipe.

This is a pretty tasty superfood snack, and it is a beautiful color! I would definitely add in ginger next time, however.  Ginger and blackberry go great together.

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