Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cranberry Vodka: Simple Gifting

All you need is a cute bottle of any size or style you like and enough cranberries and vodka to fill it.

I suggest poking a hole in at least half of the cranberries that way it will infuse better.  Pop them all in the bottle and then fill with vodka.  You can also put a pinch of sugar in it if you like.  The cranberries are very tart when fresh of course, so it very much depends on your taste preferences.

If you do put sugar in it, just make sure you do so sparingly and that you shake the bottle to dissolve the sugar.  I like to give the cranberry vodka a shake every couple of days anyway, much like I would an extract.

An inexpensive but good vodka is recommended.  I am not actually a drinker myself, but that is the general feedback I have received.  A super cheap vodka will take longer to taste...well...not cheap.

You can also add lime or orange peel to this, cutting off larger strips of zest without the white part.  Mix and match different flavors for unique gifting!

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