Tuesday, January 7, 2014

College Colored Wreath (Graduation Party Decoration Idea)

So I do have a new found love for making wreaths.  Which is kind of terrible because they are so big where do you even store them!?

But regardless.  I am most likely going to have a graduation party when I get done with my master's degree.  Just a small thing of course but something that tops off this journey.

Also, I needed something to put in place of my Christmas wreath, because as it turned out I really liked having something in that spot on my wall.

So you need a wreath form, some wire if it does not have anything already built onto it to attach things to it with, and about 3 to 4 rolls of deco mesh and/or tulle in your college colors.  I scored all these at Hobby Lobby in the post-Christmas sale. I used 2 reds and a small part of a black roll of tulle.

I make about 3 loops and put them together in my hand, crimp the base together, and then attach it to the wreath.  This deco mesh stuff really likes to catch and hook itself, so it is not difficult at all to get it to stay where you want.  You just have to make sure that you buy enough rolls that you cannot see the wire frame.

I am also planning on attaching either a little grad cap and diploma embellishment to it or finding something with the BSU logo on it to put on the wreath.  It will hang in my apartment til I leave and then be some cute wall hanging for my party.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!


  1. This graduation party décor idea is really very nice. Thanks for sharing it here. This wreath is not only perfect for a graduation party but is right for any other bash to add extra pop of colors. I will surely use it for my sister’s bridal shower that I am going to host at the domestic event venue New York.