Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sports Cap Jewelry: Game Day Fun

For this you will need:
-Chain/closures or already made bracelets or necklaces in the right sizes
-Bottle caps, silver or team colors
-1 inch round hole punch
-Scrapbook paper, pictures, tickets, maps, etc. with logos and favorite memorabilia
-Jewelry pins or wires and team color beads
-Jump rings
-Resin or epoxy stickers
-nail and hammer or other method of putting a hole in the caps

So this is a simple and fun way to have unique jewelry for the big game.  I am actually sitting here right now wondering if I have blogged about this before but I am way too tired to do anything else, so if this is a repeat I will just have to make it up to you lovely readers sometime with something super cool at a later date.

Anyway, all you need to do is punch the part of the paper or ticket or image that you want to be in the cap and secure it in place with glue.  I like to use E6000 because it does not get things overly wet and it dries quickly.

Next, coat the insert in resin or secure an epoxy sticker on it to keep the elements at bay.  Allow that ample time to dry if using resin.

Use a nail and hammer to punch a small hole in the top of the cap on the rim.  Secure the caps to the bracelet with jump rings.  Add any beads or other charms you may want (football charms, helmets, etc.) and wear your bracelet with pride!

You could also make these for vacations or events like weddings or similar for more of a wearable scrapbook type idea.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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