Friday, January 10, 2014

Breakfast: Multigrain toast, cookie butter, honey, banana

-1 or 2 pieces of a multigrain bread (you may vary this by how much you like to eat in the mornings, the size of the loaf, etc.)
-Cookie Butter (I used Speculoos from Trader Joes)
-About 1/2 tsp honey per piece of bread
-1 banana, I used a larger banana for 2 pieces

I toasted my multigrain bread to a nice golden.  I get a little excited when my toaster really gives me that perfect color.  Not all bread toasts the same, it can be quite vexing for me.

Anyway, smear a thin, very thin layer of cookie butter on the toast.  You don't need a lot it is quite rich, and doesn't have all that many redeeming qualities.  It is kind of like Nutella.  Delicious, but not really healthy.

Next, put a little drizzle of LOCAL honey over it.  Local honey is the best honey, and I HIGHLY suggest looking for very dark local honey because it is going to taste a lot sweeter and stronger and you can really get away with using just a little which will make it last longer.  I like to get mine from Whole Foods.

Top it with banana slices and enjoy your indulgent-tasting breakfast!  I actually found this pretty filling, which is rare for me to say about anything that does not involve eggs.

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