Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two-tier Zebra and Pink Cake

Zebra and pink cakes have been all the rage over the last few months for us.  We have tried, for the most part, to make them all different unless people specifically wanted something similar to one we had done.

For this one, we base iced it in white buttercream.  Next, I took a regular smaller piping tip and make the zebra stripes 2 lines wide.  I smoothed them out with the back of an offset spatula to give them the smoother look.

The letters are white chocolate dyed pink, with matching pink piping around the bottom.

In retrospect, the only thing I wish I had done but I did not think about it until it was too late was doing the piping around the layers with the grass tip.  I think that would have made a very froufrou cake that would have been even cuter.  But I do like this as is.

Another option would be to put hot pink sixlets around the base of it, which you can buy from Hobby Lobby.

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