Friday, November 1, 2013

Bedroom Fireplace Bedore and After: Green, tan, white, and brown color scheme

So over the past year or so when I come home from college I have been working on this room. It is actually one of the first times I have ever had a room where I could paint all four walls, because we used to live in a log house. 

So we moved into a house that needed some rehab on the top floors.  I found that amazing light at a flea market, and a coworker of my mom's redid the ceiling and hung it.  It is actually a little long for the room and no one taller than me (5 foot 8) can walk under it, but I already have a solution for that.

I stained the floor with Red Mahogany Minwax.  Sometimes people shy away from red but putting it over something that is already brown or a dark wood can really give it a richness that I love. 

Once the floor dries, I have a little round table that will be going under the light, and I will most likely put a rug on the floor as well.  I am not sure just yet on whether it is going to be round or what shape.  But a rug will eventually come in.

For the wall paint, I used Behr.  I love Behr paint+primer, I think it is by far and away the best paint, and I rarely have to put a second coat on.  The green is Oregano Spice, the tan which is not in this picture but is in the top 2/3 of my wall above the chair rail on the other 3 walls is Mushroom Bisque, and the brown shown here is Ancient Root.  For the mantle, I used a pearly paint from the Martha Stewart Collection in Bone.   All of my trim is done in Ultra Pure White.

I painted the chair rail in by taping it off on the top and bottom with the green frog tape which is the ONLY PAINTING TAPE I suggest using because it is fantastic.  I painted the brown in, let it dry a little bit, and then removed the tape.  This was much cheaper and way easier than me trying to install a chair rail.

That is just not my forte.

For the fireplace mantle that was originally off when we moved in, we reattached it with liquid nails.  While it dried we braced it with lumber.  The number one lesson we have learned so far is that liquid nails solves everything. 

I plan on putting pops of yellow around the room to coordinate with my fantastic light.  Did I mention that light was only $50? I am really in love with it. A gold rimmed mirror will also be going over my mantle and I hope to create this eye popping entrance view to my room, with my bed and furniture around the edges.  I am probably going to put my twin bed from college in this room when I get home because I am apparently very strange and I love smaller beds. 

Not to mention I just bought a new mattress when I came to college and it is fantastic.

This room has come a long way and has been extremely fun. It was the first time that I have really designed a room from the start.  I am very excited to see it finally finished.

Happy crafting!
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