Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Simple Christmas Canvas Decoration

You will need:
-A canvas size of your choosing, mine was about 5x7
-Paint in the colors of your choosing, I used white and green
-Puffy paint in red or other color as desired

If you are wondering why part of mine looks pink it was because I was trying to paint over a canvas I had messed up just to see if It would work.  You may prefer to start out on a clean slate.

I used red puffy paint to make the tree first, making it whimsical and curly.  Next, I painted my canvas white, after the puffy paint had dried, with crappy cheap paint and put roughly three coats on, to very little avail.  I don't mind, I love a good experiment.

After I was done coating the canvas, I came back with green and added some color to the tree.  This would be fun to have multiple shades of green on hand for.  I of course do not as I rarely paint anything.

Then, I finished it off with the word JOY in red puffy paint.  I would have polyflaked my tree boughs...but my glitter is missing.  It is really killing my soul.

Regardless of the pink showing through, I actually like this concept and it was delightfully easy. I have a few more projects in mind that I may use this for.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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