Sunday, April 21, 2013

Train Themed Cupcakes with a Chocolate Marshmellow Dream Filling

How CUTE are these little guys? I love them.  This is going to be a hopefully super informative blog on multiple features of these cuties.

We will start from the top down.  I used the bottom of an icing tip to cut out these yellow fondant circles, and used the end of a paintbrush to poke them back out.  A coupler works fine too as a cutter.

Next, using liquid coloring "Super Black" from Hobby Lobby, I squirted a dab out and painted on the rail road signs.  I let them dry overnight so they would not get all wimpy on me.

For the icing, it was super simple.  I used a half a can of chocolate icing and whipped it up on high with a pound and a half of confectioner's sugar and about a half cup of cold water.  I don't love every canned icing ever made, that is for sure.  But chocolate canned icing can be a heck of a time saver.  I used a large icing tip to make rosettes on top so that there was no possibility the lid to my carrier would hit them. 

Let me just go ahead and say I don't think anyone can make as consistently stiff of icing as me.  It is ridiculous.  My mom makes perfect icing.  If I had to pipe my icing all the time, I would have some serious guns. I piped all of these out and by the time I was going back and putting the decorations on my icing was already set.  Which is not a bad thing in my opinion, just surprising.  I would much rather have a fast setting icing than a pile o' mush.

Before the rosettes were in place, I filled these cupcakes with a chocolately marshmallow-y heavenly filling.  I mixed 3 heaping spoons of marshmallow cream, 1/4 cup of chocolate icing, and 1/4 c powdered sugar.  It made a barely chocolate but extremely delicious filling. In a devil's food cupcake, I don't mind having a lighter filling.

I hollow mine out but cutting down a quarter to half inch in a circle and pulling out the core.  I cut the bottom 3/4 off the core to have plenty of room for filling and being able to sit the top back on it like nothing ever happened.  I don't like my tops to stick up after being filled because it calls for a LOT of correcting with icing.

Then it really got fun.  The pin fell out of the side of my mixer, dropping the head down and giving me quite the panic attack.  I ended up having to lay the thing on its side, readjust the head while wiggling the pin around, and finally it fell back in.  THANK.  GOODNESS. 

You don't just whip up a decorator quality icing by hand.  At least not if you are me.

In fact...I pretty much never mix anything by hand.

I reeeeeally want to eat one and I am super sad that I can't.  HOWEVER, I know they are going to be a big hit.

Happy crafting!
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