Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rehab on a Nine Year Old Shirt

 I got 99 problems, and this stitch is one.  Haha.

Couldn't resist.

So as I said in my title, this shirt is nine years old.  I bought it back when Body Central sold extra large instead of just extra anorexic.  But since body central now only caters to super tiny bodies, I shop elsewhere.  But of many things I bought there back in early high school, this shirt is still making a solid run.

It is starting to wear thin though.  Very very thin.
 So as you can see the back had a couple of holes in it that had been patched but had already come back through.  I am probably mostly to blame on this as I am constantly yanking shirts back down and messing with them.

So I messed around with a few different cuts, debated between a grunge look or a dressier look, and so on.

My first attempt had a couple of bigger holes cut, with lace and white material underneath.  You know what that ended up looking like? A really fancy cow.  Not exactly what any woman wants to look in the mirror and be reminded of.

So I ended up cutting out the entire side which made me really nervous because my sewing skills leave something to be desired and it meant I was going to lose some valuable seams.
Luckily I tend to operate under the "what's the worst that can happen" principle.  Worst case scenario, I only get 9 years out of this shirt.  Best case scenario, it works out.  Those are odds I can take.

So I flipped on my sewing machine, stitched it in somewhat questionably but decent enough that I like it.

I figured I would need to wear a tank top under it since I am really not one that enjoys flashing skin, especially on my sides or midsection.  However, it was a long enough shirt to begin with that it basically only shows my jeans!

How perfect, and completely unexpected.

So now I have a cool lace patch in the side of my shirt that won't need a tank top under it.  The shirt originally had chain straps as well, but I removed those so that it became more weather friendly.  Those really are not idea for blazing sun or freezing cold, and the sleeves stay up just fine without them.  In fact, they are more versatile without, allowing me to wear it off both shoulders, one shoulder, or regular. 

I am DETERMINED that this shirt will get its master's degree.  I have a few articles of clothing that I am highly loyal to because they have lasted so long.  My main favorites are:
  1. My AAU shorts that I got as part of a uniform in SIXTH GRADE.  They still fit, they have no holes, they have not faded, and they are basically 11 years old and going strong.  I have had them half my life, and I used to wear them nearly every week and sleep in them all the time.
  2. My Doc Martens.  You cannot ask for a better shoe.  My black Docs look as good as the day I got them, have sustained very little damage, and are the only shoe I wear all winter long unless I have to switch off to snow boots.  I think they are about 9 years old. 
  3. This shirt I am blogging about. 
  4. My tennis T-shirt.  We got team shirts my freshmen year of high school, which means that shirt is going on its 8th year.  For a T, that is pretty fantastic.  Ironically, I like to wear it with my AAU shorts.
  5. My blue racerback tank. Also from Body Central, and also bought in high school.  What can I say, I really used to like their clothes.  It is a little faded, but I still wear it a lot in the summer.  I have since then found similar material tanks at other stores, so I have a color army ready for summer.
I don't know if I just have good luck with clothes, if my mom has secret laundry tricks, or if it is mostly the fact that I prefer poly-fake-a-lene type materials over cotton which constantly shrinks and falls apart, but I always appreciate clothes that are made to last. 

Although it does have a tendency to create some overflow in my closet.

Either way, the better I get at sewing the more I can drag out some of my favorite things!

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