Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Cake Pancakes, My Attempt

-1 C Krusteaz pancake mix
-1/3 C sprinkles
-3/4 C milk
-1-2 tsp vanilla

So basically, you just mix it all up and cook it on a griddle, of course. 

If you do not have an electric griddle, I question your sanity. I have a FANTASTIC one made by Presto.  My mom found it on sale at Kroger, and it is a CHAMP.  I love that little bugger.

Don't really love washing it, but that would be the case no matter what.

Anyway I drizzled a little glaze type thing over these that I made with a LOT of confectioner's sugar and a very small amount of milk. 

And then as I was eating it I was reminded how much I don't like overly sweet pancakes, prefer eggs for breakfast, and while these were tasty it really just did not do it for me this morning.

Any morning that does not start with protein is a sad sad morning for me.

HOWEVER, I love cake.  So that made up for it a little bit.

If you are the type that enjoys sugary concoctions in the morning, feel free to give it a whirl.  If I had any on hand, I would have preferred to use a plan greek yogurt as a base instead of milk, adding in a little milk or water as needed to get the right end texture.  That would have at least added more protein to these.

Now, back to my intensive weekend of getting homework done!

Until next time!

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