Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pearl Dust and Chocolate Decorations

We have a wedding cake in progress at the moment that is a beachy theme. 

A lot of the decorations are going to be made from molded chocolate, which is DELICIOUS and a fantastic way to deck out a cake.  And how simple is it to pour chocolate in a mold?  Super simple.

But just having a plain chocolate decoration sometimes doesn't do the trick.

The perfect answer is pearl dust! You can get pearl dust at hobby lobby and cake shops and you can mix it with vanilla or vodka, it dries faster with vodka but I prefer vanilla.

I suggest making it in small batches, it is hard to say exactly how much of each you need to use.  Pearl dust isn't really something you measure.  But you want it to be on the thicker side.

If you are using vanilla just give them long enough to dry and you are good to go.  They will catch a little light on a cake and add another level of faint color. 

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